Our Commitment

The Minardi Consulting Group is committed to your success. We have an impeccable record, working to meet or exceed your project and business goals. Along with our employees, our customers are our greatest asset.

Critical Success Factors

Strong Executive Commitment
Strong support of changes to existing business processes and associated change management issues will be imperative to achieve the project objectives.
High-Performance Project Team
A dedicated & empowered team with a thorough understanding of business processes and requirements will be mandatory.
Effective Project Management and Scope Control
Comprehensive project planning and adherence to the planned scope and timeline is a must. Workarounds and business process changes must be the predominant solutions for any identified functionality gaps.
Use of a Proven Methodology
Minardi Consulting follows JD Edwards best practices and uses a methodology tailored specifically to help plan, guide and control the progress of your implementation or upgrade project.
Early User Involvement
Gaining commitment from and dedicating key users from the business is fundamental to validating the solution and ultimate adoption to the new system.